Our Dental Hy-gentle-ists


In October, we celebrate Dental Hygiene month to remind us that good health starts with a clean and disease free mouth. This blog is a tribute to the 6 dental hy-gentle-ists of ADT Dental. I’m choosing to add one little syllable into hygienist because it gives a full description of the dental hygienists who we are so proud to have on our team. Gentle….Their clinical skill in maintaining your oral health is gentle and their treatment of your spirit, ego and self-esteem is gentle. They understand that you need to be encouraged and supported to maintain your oral health.

Kate The Great, as she is called by ADT staff, has been with us the longest….over 20 years. She is so genuine, kind and caring. Kate is an admired leader among our staff and a blessing to her patients. These are among many reasons we call her Kate The Great.

Michelle is only a few years behind Kate, with 16 years at ADT Dental. She came to us from dental hygiene school where she was the recipient of the Golden Scaler Award. Her awesome skills have turned around many difficult periodontal patients in their oral health. With Michelle, conversations start right where they ended the last visit.

Petite Judy has been with us for 12 years. She is so sincere and caring with her patients and staff. Judy is a true friend to all. She is a guaranteed stickler on detail, she has got her patients covered. A long list of dedicated patients follow serene and gentle Judy.

Ashley is one of our next generation dental hygienists. She has been with us just under 5 years. A young mother of two toddlers, Ashley has the warm serenity to carefully listen to her patients’ needs. Her approach to each patient is always thorough and consistent. Ashley also has a volunteer career as an advocate for a cure for Muscular Dystrophy, a disease which inflicts her 3 year old son.

Phala has been with us for 3 years. She is a graduate of the U of M Dental Hygiene School where she developed her outstanding skills. Phala has a compassionate empathetic style with her patients. Phala just gave birth to her third daughter. We look forward to her return from maternity leave.

Last, but not least, is Elle, a staff member of one year. Elle is actually named Michelle, but with too many Michelle’s on staff, we’ve nicknamed her Elle. Elle has the enthusiastic spirit of a young hygienist. She is so smart and gifted that in one short year she has become a valued member of our staff. We are so lucky to have her on our team.

ADT Dental Dental Hy-gentle-ists, you have been with us from one to twenty-one years. You are the main attractions that our patients return to see. We are blessed. Thank you! Thank you!