Worth Knowing-Don’t Forget Oral Health

This “worth knowing” appeared in the Star Tribune.

5 ways to improve your health and budget

I couldn’t help but notice that two of the tips listed below would greatly improve your oral health as well as your dental budget. 

  1. Eat less meat  
  2. Quench your thirst with water
  3. Drink less alcohol 
  4. Exercise with friends
  5. Quit smoking 

I bet you know the two related to oral health.

Yes, quench your thirst with water. Frequent intake of soft drinks and juices is a leading cause of decay. These drinks are especially damaging when sipped over time to wet your whistle. Replacing these drinks with water will not only reduce your weight and grocery budget but it will protect your teeth, especially if replaced with fluoridated tap water. Making this choice will lead to less costly dental treatment.

Quit smoking is the second answer. Budget wise, a pack-a-day habit adds up to a cost of $2,300 a year for cigarettes. Smoking is a leading cause of gum disease and the most prevalent cause of adult tooth loss. Add those dental bills to all the medical expenses of heart, lung and other smoking-related diseases. It’s pretty simple math.