CAMBRA at ADT Dental

ADT Dental staff believes that prevention of decay is more valuable than the treatment of decay. Of course we treat all decay that we diagnose, but what if as a profession we could help our patients stop the decay disease process. How much healthier would your mouth be?

CAMBRA is a strategic program scientifically designed to help us fine tune our ability to prevent decay. CAMBRA stands for Caries (decay) Management By Risk Assessment. That’s a mouthful, but let me explain how this is done.

When a patient enters our practice we will now use a method to determine how high their risk is for decay. Basically it is a simple questionnaire that is augmented by our clinical findings. A patient’s level of risk (High, Moderate or Low) determines the level of the program that we can institute for them. Patients must be willing partners to participate, so don’t feel compelled. But we are excited to be able to bring you the chance to greatly decrease and maybe even eliminate your decay.

The program works by evaluating what is the source of your decay problem: bacterial count, salivary flow, diet, genetics. Once we figure out the cause, we can set to work with recommendations and products to help control your decay at its source. As with anything, the choice is yours to enroll. We are happy to be your oral health partners.